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Jamun Seed Extract

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Botanical Name: Eugenia Jambolana

Jamun, also popularly known as jambul is a nutritious seasonal fruit found in abundance in Asia. This fruit is eaten as a health snack in many parts of the world. Jamun is a delicious tropical plum-like fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruit, seeds, bark and leaves of Jambul have medicinal properties. Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids essential for a healthy body and mind. As compared with other fruits, Jambul provides lesser calories making it the perfect choice in a healthy diet.

Jamun is Astringent in action and has alleviated Kapha/pitta reducing property. Jamun Seed powder is used as a cure for digestive disorders, an excellent home remedy for bloating & worms in the intestine. It is also administered with mango seed powder in case of diarrhoea & dysentery. Powder of seeds in jamun juice is excellent for individuals with a suppressed immune system and as anti-oxidant.

The Glucoside Jamboline present in Jamun is said to have power of checking the pathological conversion of starch in to sugar in cases of increased production of glucose, thus regulating sugar metabolism. It also diminishes quantity of sugar in urine & allays the unquenchable thirst of diabetes.

Jamun beej extract contains glycosides, gallic acid, ellagic acids, quercetin, beta-sitosterols useful as antioxidants.

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