FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS:Slimbo , Slimbo Laxative , Herbal toffee

Product Description

SLIMBO – low caloric toffees with nutrient fibers of natural origin – inulin. It is sugar free, suitable for diabetics and for people who want to reduce their weight. The product was awarded with certificate for World Innovation by the organizers of the greatest trade fair SIAL 2006 in Paris, France and with Golden medal at International fair in Plovdiv 2007.

SLIMBO Laxative – low – caloric toffees with laxative effect, contain nutrient fibers of natural origin, and sena. The product was awarder with a bronze medal for food innovation in the International Fair of Inventions – IEI 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Herbal toffees – toffees with menthol-eucalyptus and six herbs – perfect solution to help with the sour throat and cough. Their analog is Menthol-eucalyptus hard candy – for people, who prefer to consume hard candies, instead of toffees.

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