French Herbal Tea By Tisarôm – Soothing Linden & Strawberry Spearmint Mix

Product Description

INGREDIENTS: linden, elderberry, poppies, strawberry mint, dried strawberries, dried apples

A calming and relaxing herbal tea. The soothing blend is an original mix of fruity and sweet notes. Having a light purple tint thanks to the poppies and dried strawberries. To be consumed before going to bed or simply when needing a moment of peace.

You can make up to 3/4 cups with one tea bag.

14 BIODEGRADABLE INDIVIDUAL BAGS – Weight: 45g – Our packaging is plastic free, composed of paper material and a transparent window made of cornstarch. To be kept in a cool dry place.

Tisarôm is the new way of drinking herbal tea. no more bitter taste, no more old-looking packaging, or a lack of understanding of which plant is better for your body. Tisarôm is a healthy drink, based on plants, flowers, and fruits directly sourced in the organic french fields to bring out the best for your health and pleasure. We have created four different and original recipes to meet your daily needs and activities.

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