CBD Infused Calming Herbal Tea By Tisarôm

Product Description

A calming herbal tea blend infused with water-soluble CBD from Rebounce. This infusion will help to enhance your sleep quality and to promote a peaceful mindset.

CBD is a natural extract from the hemp plant known for its therapeutic benefits such as its ability to reduce stress/anxiety and improve sleep quality without the psychoactive effect.

How to use: drink 1 to 2 tea bags one hour before going to bed. Please note that our CBD is 100% water-soluble and can result in a slightly cloudy liquid.

Ingredients: spearmint, linden, lemon balm, dried apple, dried strawberries, water-soluble cannabidiol (10MG per tea bag)

12 biodegradable herbal tea bags per box – caffeine-free – organic plants from France.

Tisarôm is the new way of drinking herbal tea. no more bitter taste, no more old-looking packaging, or a lack of understanding of which plant is better for your body. Tisarôm is a healthy drink, based on plants, flowers, and fruits directly sourced in the organic french fields to bring out the best for your health and pleasure. We have created four different and original recipes to meet your daily needs and activities.

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