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Fermentura Ginseng 30 capsules

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Not everyone is familiar with the term fermentation. The process of how to make sauerkraut last longer, on the other hand, is more likely. Sauerkraut is probably the most well-known fermented food. Lactic acid fermentation gives the white cabbage its characteristic taste and balanced nutrient profile (sauerkraut, for example, contains a lot of vitamin C).

Exactly how the fermentation of ginseng works

Phase 1: First, the ginseng is crushed and placed in a clay container, called a fermenter, together with lactic acid bacteria. In a first fermentation stage, so-called right-handed lactic acid is produced. This also occurs naturally in the body during numerous metabolic processes.

Phase 2: The ginseng-lactic acid mixture is left for about three months before it is mixed again with new lactic acid bacteria. Overall, several fresh ginseng lactic acid batches are made. With each new batch, the finer and finer splitting of the ginseng nutrients is achieved.

Phase 3: In the last step, all partial ferments are finally mixed with lactic acid cultures and finally centrifuged.

If you follow the example of nature, you will find the right path

Fermented ginseng extract

  • There are 5 types of ginseng in the world: Korean, American, Chinese, Japanese and Siberian ginseng.
  • Korean ginseng is also known as real ginseng (Panax ginseng).
  • Botanically, ginseng and ivy belong to the same plant family.
  • Ginseng was given the nickname “human root” because the protruding root branches are reminiscent of arms and legs, so that the ginseng bulb looks like a small human.
  • Good quality ginseng is extremely expensive due to the fact that it is traditionally grown for up to 7 years before being harvested. This is the only way to achieve the full, balanced nutrient profile. An earlier harvest leads to an incomplete nutrient content. Fermentation can mimic this aging process in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost.
  • The roots contain ginsenosides (so-called saponins, which protect the plant from germs), essential oils, phytoalexins (plant immune defenses), polyphenols (protection against predators) and polysaccharides (nutrient suppliers) and phytoestrogens (plant hormones).

Responsible according to Art. 8 Para. 1 of the VO (EU) 1169/2011: NUTROPURE LIMITED, Lordou Vyronos, 61-63, 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus

Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng Extract (33.83%), Fermented Korean Red Ginseng Extract (33.83%), Capsule Shell Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Rice Flour, Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, Riboflavin, Cyanocobalamin

Recommended dosage: Consume one capsule daily with some liquid.

Notes: The stated recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.

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