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Product Description

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This high-performance dry heel & foot serum soothes inflammation and heals skin cracks.

Our 100% natural formula removes dry skin quickly and restores soft heels and feet.

Simply apply the lotion to affected areas.

Why Choose the Dry Heel & Foot Cream for Dry Skin Removal:

  • Reduces Foot bacteria
  • Treats cracked heels/feet
  • Use for softer heels/Foot skin
  • Improves foot odour

100% Natural Asian Ingredients:

  • Curcuma helps skin diseases
  • Houttuynia-cordata has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Indian gooseberry has the highest Vitamin C content
  • Noni contains linoleic acid
  • And multiple other ingredients that work together

The packaging instructs on how to use the products and what ingredients help this product derive great results.

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