Cubeb Oil

Product Description

You can Cubeb oil having connection with Indonesia when it comes to its origins. This oil has greenish to yellow color. You could get peppery scent from this oil. The refractive index of this oil may range from 1.492 – 1.502 at 20º C. The best way to extract this oil is steam distillation. This oil can be very helpful in treating inflammation and infections. The botanical name of this oil is Piper Cubeba . You could also call this oil as tailed pepper.

It is easy to blend this oil with ylang-ylang. The main chemical constituents of this oil are ß-elemene (9.4%), epi-cubebol (4.3%), ß-caryophyllene (3.1%), sabinene (9.1%) and cubebol (5.6%). this oil could prove helpful for you in easing muscular aches and stress through massage. Leucorrhoea, urinary tract infection and many other infections can be treated with the use of this oil.

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