Sage Oil

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The scientific name if the sage oil is Salvia officianalis. This oil is found in Bulgaria. This oil smells smilair to camphorous. When it comes to its color, you can find this old having greenish yellow to pale yellow color. This oil doesn’t contain water. But, you can find the composition of various oils and alcohol in it. You can use this oil to treat different diseases such as circulatory stimulant, hormone regulation anti-fungal antiviral and gallbladder stimulant. Sage oil is extracted from the dried leaves of the herb through steam distillation process.

You can suggest use of this oil to someone looking to treat to the problems such mental fatigue. Also, this medicine is ideal to cure the disease like respiratory tracts and reproductive. Along with the sage oil it has some other names as well such as Clary sage and Salvia Sclarea. This oil has the knack for blending well with the lavender, ginger, orange, neroli geranium and rosemary. Sage oil also has anti oxidant, anti septic, antifungal and anti microbial properties. Thus, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical Composition :
Clary sage oil is composed of the following chemical components:

Caryophyllene beta- 1.5-2.5%
Germacrene D- 0.5-4%
Alpha-Terpineol- 0.2-2.5%
Linalool- 8-30%
Geranyl acetate- 0.5-2%
Neryl acetate- 0.2-1%
Geraniol- 1-2%
Scalerol- 1-2%
Linalyl acetate- 50-75%

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