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BLUEDROP DESIGN Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser 250ml Handmade Mosaic Glass

Product Description

Mosa More Glowing Glass is a Mosaic Glass Wellbeing Products to help maintain your Inspiration, Creativity and Happiness Thoughts.

Mosa More Diffusers are Adorned with multicolor glass beads and each cover is individually handcrafted and unique, Mosa More Diffusers uses Ultrasonic Cool Mist diffusion to protect natural Essential Oils and Fragrances at the time of diluting it with water, you can breathe the Essential Oils and Fragrances in a more natural way with three settings; POWER, MIST INTENSITY AND 7 LED NIGHT LIGHTS If you enjoy painting , meditation , yoga or mindfulness this will be perfect gift for you .

Put just 5-10 drops of essential oil in the water tank and plug in. This will disperse the scent into the air and inhaled to energize or calm, depending on the essential oil chosen.

The mist button stops automatically when the water is low, and your experience can be customized by choosing from three levels of mist intensity. 7 LED Night Lights Choose from 7 LED color changing lights to set the perfect mood light for you and your guests, creating a romantic experience that soothes all your senses. The diffuser works separately from light, it can make mist without light or only light with no mist. Great night light for young children who are scared of dark at bedtime, children love it!


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