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Black galingale Extract Powder form

Product Description

(For dietary supplement, functional food and pharmaceutical application use)

Properties & Application

Weight Control

Obesity is a health problem with the accumulation of fat in our body. In Thailand, there is a high increases in obesity rate among both adults and children. Obesity increases the chance of many illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. Diet and exercise can be considered as a way to treat obesity. On the other hand, research had found that black galingale extract can stimulate activity of Brown adipose tissue (BAT), resulting in an increase of UCP1 (Uncoupling protein 1) and resulting in increasing our metabolism, which would mean that black galingale extract helps with weight control.

Rejuvenation for Men

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors, such as chronic diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes, and vascular diseases. Lifestyle factors such as drinking alcohol and smoking also have an effect. These factors may result in reduction of the production of Nitric oxide and lead to erectile dysfunction. At present, it is found that the extract from the rhizome of black galingale helps to increase sexual performance by increasing the production of nitric oxide which is very important to the erection mechanism of the penis, by way of causing the expansion of blood vessels and smooth muscles, in addition the black galingale extract also has Phosphodiester-5 (PDE5) inhibitors which helps with longer lasting erections.

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