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Rose Water Essence 1 liter

Product Description

The Miracle of the Rose

  • Rose have many petals, many colors such as white, pink, red, yellow, gentle and discreet fragrance.  It is a flower symbolizing love and is also a precious ingredient in many human health and beauty care products.
  • In rose harvesting, it is said that harvesting rose petals in full bloom in the early morning when the air is still fresh and cool, at this time the rose petals are still wet with morning dew, its healing power.  More than doubled compared to harvesting at other times of the day.
  • After cutting these petals, take them away or dry or use them to treat diseases, but do not wash them because when washing with water, it will lose all the healing components of the petals.  Rose petals can also be used to extract water or take essential oils to treat diseases.
  • According to researchers, rose is a perfect medicine to fight skin diseases.  Fresh rose petals also have the ability to limit festering wounds and burns.  They can also soothe itching caused by allergies.  Rose essential oil improves the functioning of the endocrine glands, eliminates organ disorder and restores cells.
  • The first mentioned use of rose essential oil is beauty.  This essential oil has the ability to stimulate the activity of the endocrine glands, improve the circulatory system, help to shrink pores, fade dark spots, reduce wrinkles, prevent and treat acne effectively.

Dalosa Vietnam Toner Supplied

  • Manufacturer name: Galen_N Ltd., Bulgaria (Manufacturer)
  • State: Liquid
  • Color: Colorless
  • Extraction part: Rose
  • Essential oil content in rose water: 0.08%
  • Ethyl Alcohol: 1.4%(natural)
  • pH 6.0%
  • Bulgarian Standard Certification

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