Autumn Crocus ( Colchicum automnale L. )

Product Description

Autumn Crocus is a beautiful, perennial herbaceous plant of the Liliaceae family. The underground part is a tuberculosis. Blooms in autumn with light pink colors, with 6 stamens. The leaves develop in the following spring. Together with leaves in spring, the developing pistil comes out. The fruit is a three-lane decoupled box with numerous black-brown small seeds. It is formed the following spring and ripens in the summer.

It is situated in the meadows, the meadows of the bushes, the pastures, etc. places in the country up to 2000 m above sea level.

The seeds (Semen Colchici) of the autumn crocus are used. Picking up in June to August. The targets are almost completely ripe, but they do not open any more fruit boxes and immediately spread on mats in dark and airy rooms to ripen.

Autumn crocus is used in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry to produce the alkaloid colchicine. Strong and dangerous poison. It is used against gout, rheumatism, pain relief, etc., with prescription only in minimal doses. In large doses it causes diarrhea, and in even greater death. It is used to treat skin cancer.

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