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Asian Garden – Sweet Floral Scent

Product Description

Spend a golden hour in an Asian Garden, filling your spirit with the utmost peace and tranquility. Imagine the glow of paper lanterns light the way through manicured, sculptural foliage beside a rippling stream with our sweet floral scent. Aromas of vanilla, amber, and soft, woodsy warmth float on the air, mingling with sweet florals of snow-white lily, jasmine, and tuberose.

PREMIUM FRAGRANCES FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS Asian Garden is part of the Luxe & Sophisticated fragrance family from ScentAir. ScentAir diffusers use patented dry-air fragrance technology to scent YOUR space FOR hours of uninterrupted ambient scenting.

Fragrance Experience       Luxe & Sophisticated
Odor Neutralizing               No

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