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The Queen of Flowers Rose is pure love, especially love for self. Rose Attar brings peace of mind that benefits both the physical and essential heart. This Attar is renowned for disarming negativity and thereby bringing more loving experiences, relationships and realizations into day-to-day life. Here we find the infectious power of love and attraction at work. The blending of Rose and Sandalwood is magical. This Attar is the point where beauty of wealth aligns. The fragrance of Rose opens, it deepens and brings new awareness. We find we can now open to renewal, new love, more passion and creativity, a deeper sense of personal values and needs. The earthy, pure notes of the Sandalwood base add an important dimension to the essence of damascena rose. Sandalwood has the ability to capture a mysterious fullness of bouquet, which is seldom discovered when rose fragrance stands alone. This is a magical point of awareness that enables the conscious shift into emotional empowerment. Heart notes are so very strong here we can find the courage, maybe for the first time in life, to stand and actualize our place in the garden.

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