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3 L Essential Oil Copper Alembic Still Prime Kit

Product Description

Prime Kit contains:

  • 3 L Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still Premium
  • Spring Thermometer Welded to Head, Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading
  • Copper Funnel
  • 3 L Pot Still Copper Sieve Tray

Premium Model

* All the Premium units have the identifying Al-Ambiq® plaque;

* Thicker copper sheets that require more manual labour and as a result become hand crafted master pieces;

* There are brass locking / unlocking unions between the lid, swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapors;

* This model allows the connection of a refining lentil (dephlegmator) between the lid and swan neck, which can be bought separately;

* The condensing recipient is equipped with a water inlet tube located at the bottom of the condensing recipient and an outlet tube at the top where the water exits;

* We stand out because you can be assured that our products, as well as the materials we use in the manufacturing process are completely safe, tested, certified and lead free;

* These equipments, if treated well, can last an entire lifetime.

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