Iberian Coppers

3 L Essential Oil Copper Alembic Still Kit

Product Description

Kit contains:

  • 3 L Split Top Rotating Column Alembic Still
  • Spring Thermometer Welded to Head, Celsius & Fahrenheit Reading
  • Copper Funnel
  • 3 L Pot Still Copper Sieve Tray

Standard Model

* Iberian Coppers Lda is proud of our standard line of products, a range of products that can compete with market values, without compromising on quality or safety;

* Our standard products are high quality and completely hand made and unique. Many similar models can be found in the markets but we stand out because all our materials are tested and lead free;

* There are brass locking / unlocking unions between the lid, swan neck pipe and the condensing recipient to avoid the escape of vapours;

* The extension pipe is provided to compensate for the increased height of the column. It should be connected between the swan neck piping and the condensing recipient.;

* These equipments, if treated well, can last an entire lifetime.

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