100% Pure Essential Water Lindera Umbellata (KUROMOJI) + Himalayan Crystal Diamond Cut

Product Description

We use natural, pesticide-free Kuromoji, which grows wild in the Chugoku Mountains from the Tanba region of Kyoto to Hiroshima Prefecture. An essential water that allows you to enjoy the natural scent of Kuromoji, collected only from Hon-Kuromoji, a species endemic to Japan.

Kuromoji is a plant that blooms pale yellow-green flowers in spring and bears black berries in autumn, and is characterized by its large leaves and bark with black spots. The scent component is extracted from the bark of the branches, but the tree is small and difficult to collect, making it highly valuable. It is a plant that has been loved by the Japanese and incorporated into their daily lives since ancient times, and is used in toothpicks and tea utensils due to its good fragrance.It is also known for its many medicinal properties.

Kuromoji is also a herbal medicine called “Usho”, and in addition to its antibacterial and antiviral effects, it also has the effect of calming coughs, regulating breathing, and calming the nerves. A scent that you can use even when you are concerned about something. It is also expected to have a moisturizing effect and the effect of loosening and restoring elasticity to skin that has hardened due to dryness and aging, and has recently attracted attention as a beauty ingredient. It has the power to balance your mind, body, beauty, and health, and return you to your true self, which is the essence of your soul.

A woody scent with a Japanese feel and a clean feeling of lily of the valley. It contains a lot of linalool, which is similar to rosewood, reminiscent of rose and osmanthus, and has a sweet and noble aroma. Its balance calms excitement and stress, and deep relaxation brings about a restful sleep, so it can also be used to care for your skin before bed or as a linen spray. Kuromoji’s sensual, yet sacred, mature scent will release your inner self and give you the serendipity to bring out your true self.

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