Khaptad Aroma

100% Natural Herbal Xanthoxylum Essential Oil

Product Description

“Xanthoxylum Oil” is an herbal oil made from the plant called “Zanthoxylum Armatum DC”. This plant is also known as prickly ash; a species of plant in Rutaceae family. It is an aromatic, deciduous, spiny shrub growing to 3.5 meters in height. It is also called “Timur” in Nepali. The benefits of this oil are treating insect bites, skin infection, headache, migraine, indigestion and other health benefits. It is also used for cosmetic materials and food materials.

Brief Information

Name: Xanthoxylum

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum Armatum DC

Family: Rutaceae

Plant/Parts used: Berries and leaves

Extraction process: Steam distillation

Origin: Nepal

Local Names: Timur


100% Natural and Pure

Organic certified by OneCert

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