Post product

After finishing initial important setup, Let’s promote your products as supplier!

(Up to 10 products for Free member / Up to 100 products for Gold member)

1.  Put cursor over  “+New Posting for Our Product & Buying Request” and then click “Product Posting” from pull-down



*You can also go to “Product Posting” from Dashboard.

2. You can see edit screen.

* To publish your product, you need to meet 3 minimum requirements, Title(Product name) input, Product pic uploading and Product category choice.

3.  Add product name

4. Input product description

5. Set Product picture

4. Choose Product category (1 or 2)

5.  Green “Publish” button would be shown once all requirements are met.

6. Before publishing, you can check the posting image from “Preview” button.

7. Push “Publish” button if preview image is good.

(For Gold members only)

You can upload the product at “Featured Products”, upper portion of top page, by checking a box as below.