Yalda Herbs

Yalda Herbs – Lemon Cold Buster

Product Description

Experience the authentic flavors from Persia with this powerful herbal tea mixture of black Lime and two aromatic, lemon-based herbs. Older generations in this region believe this enchanting blend makes your cold disappear miraculously! How about the younger generations? Well, they just really enjoy a fresh and invigorating tea with an acidic bite. Produced from an ancient recipe, including the finest hand-picked herbs.



  • Black Lime
  • Lemon Verbena
  • Lemon Balm


  • 18 Pyramid teabags
  • PLA Teabags
  • 32 +/- 1 grams
  • No additives
  • Flow-through infuser bags
  • Could be served Hot and Cold
  • Teabags are individually packed in anti-humidity foil sachets


  • Feels fresh and healthy
  • Lifts morning moods
  • Aids to cold recovery

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