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Product Description

Elixir is a mixture of herbs that helps you to stay in shape and slow down aging. The antioxidants in this tea stimulate your metabolism and neutralize free radicals. Due to the finest hand-picked unique natural herbs, the tasty Elixir tea is effective and beneficial. The tea is obtained by blending cardamom, cinnamon, white and green tea. The Elixir recipe is very old and is still used by Persian families. 


  • White tea
  • Green tea
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon


  • 18 Pyramid teabags
  • PLA Teabags
  • 32 +/- 1 grams
  • No additives
  • Flow-through infuser bags
  • Could be served Hot and Cold
  • Teabags are individually packed in anti-humidity foil sachets


  • Slows down the body’s aging process and keeps the body in proper shape
  • Helps in losing body weight
  • Supports weight loss

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