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Vanilla beans

Product Description

GOURMET QUALITY : Highest Grade A vanilla beans of gourmet quality from our garden. 100% Natural , gluten-free.

ORGANIC BEANS : Our natural vanilla beans do not contain any kind of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Collected from farmers who practice the organic way of cultivation and also in the fair trade network. Processed and packed in a traditional way. Free from pesticides and other chemical impurity.

QUALITY BEANS: These vanilla beans are smooth, soft, and flexible with an average moisture content of 30%-38%!!! They are dense with seeds and overflowing with vanilla essential oils; retaining long-lasting flavor and aroma. The average length of each bean is 5-6 in. To preserve the superior quality of the beans, they are vacuum packed and sealed.

RECIPES : The intense aroma, abundance of oil from the pods and wide palette of flavors will enhance your recipes with quality vanilla beans characterstics. Making these beans perfect for cooking, baking, flavoring and perfuming.

STORAGE: Vanilla beans will dry up, so keep it in the aluminum container and store them in a cool, dark place after vacuum pack seal is broken.

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