Product Description

Brighten and elevate any space with the USB mini diffuser! Use in the car to ease a stressful commute or soothe anxious or restless children. Plug in at the hotel room to freshen and uplift the environment. The USB connector makes this mini diffuser convenient to use nearly anywhere.

Included in the Set:

USB Aroma Diffuser
5 replacement pads
Orange Grove Essential Oil Fragrance Blend (5 mL): The stimulating scent of orange, tangerine, bergamot, and lemon will keep you alert, bring about a good mood, and bring freshness to your office, car, or hotel room.
Optional add-on: 2 slot USB to Vehicle Cigarette Lighter adaptor to enjoy your diffuser and charge your phone or another device simultaneously.

How to Use: Place a few drops of the fragrance blend on the fragrance pad and slide it into the USB Aroma Diffuser. Connect the diffuser to a USB port. Within a few minutes, the fragrance blend will unfold.

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