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Sunehri Pure Marigold Water (Hydrosol)


Product Description

Marigold hydrosol is something that you definitely want to stock in your first aid box or in your medicine cabinet. Enriched with astounding medicinal properties, Marigold hydrosol is extracted by the process of hydro distillation of the fresh Marigold flowers.


• The Hydrosol is an amazing facial toner for people with oily skin
• It can be used as a spray to soothe skin irritations, sunburns, and insect bites
• Helps in removing acne spots and shingles
• A safe choice to treat common cat and dog skin issues
• Marigold Hydrosol is a perfect wound healer


Marigold Hydrosol is extracted from the Marigold flowers by way of hydro-distillation. During the process of distillation, the by product that gets collected has the Marigold plant scent. This water-like by-product is called Marigold Hydrosol. The process of distillation results in hydrosol having medicinal values.

How to Use

Keep the Marigold water for face at a slight distance and spray all over skin, especially on the acne affected area.

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