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Shenxing Shikang Chewing Tablet

Product Description

Ratified No.: Guoshijianzi G20040147

Raw material: Seabuckthorn fruit; Chrysanthemum; Folium mori; Natural β-carotene; Lactic acid zinc; Amylum; Dextrin; Cane powder; Dolomol

Ingredients: Total flavonoides; Zinc; β-carotene

Specification: 1.5g per tablet; 24 tablets per box

Dosage: 3 tablets each time / Twice daily(morning and evening)

Valid period: 2 years

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and place avoiding light

Function: Treat myopia; Amblyopia; Pseudomyopia; Cataract; Vitreous opacity; Macula degeneration.


1. SOD (superoxide dismutase)

Shikang chewing tablets contains high level of SOD preventing eyes tissues from being attacked by free radicals, taking precautions against and cure many eye diseases..

2. Diversity of nutrients

There are variety of ingredients contained in Shikang chewing tables, this will utmost compensate the consumption and meet the need of eyes.

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