Hebei Shenxing Seabuckthorn Health Products

Seabuckthorn Flavone Powder


Product Description

Ingredients: Isorhamnetin and quercetin etc

Usage: Ideal material for health food and drugs

Specification: 20kgs per double plastic bag with drum ousid

Valid period: 3years

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and place avoiding light


a) Relieve cough and asthma;

b) Lower the hyertension and blood lipid;

c) Relieve angina;

d) Restrain the coronary arteriosclerosis etc;


1. High level of flavonoides

The precious seabuckthorn general flavonoides which is better than hawthorn flavone and ginkgo flavone, and have distinctive efficacy of preventing heart and brain vascular diseases. 1 gram of seabuckthorn general flavonoides is extracted from 1000kgs of seabuckthorn, the price of it is 100 times higher than the same quantity of gold.

2. Pure natural, contamination-free, no side-effects, safe and effective

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