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Rare precious, Saffron OIL has a rich, warm, exotic, and beautifully decadent aroma. The mysterious fragrance of the attar inspires warm thoughts toward oneself and others. The Attar is made by distilling Saffron into a base of Sandalwood oil. Saffron Attar is originated from India and has a reddish, characteristic, and intense odor having a warm and soothing aroma. This is extracted from steam distillation or water distillation of the stigma of leaves. Saffron Attar is also known as Kesar or Zafrani Attar and is great medicine for the heart, and its fragrance in incense has been used traditionally for its heart-opening and compassion-enhancing powers. The Saffron plant is originated in Asia Minor and was introduced into Spain by the Arabs before spreading to France and the western Mediterranean during the Crusades. Saffron was known as a medicinal plant in ancient Egypt and because of few magical uses, it was made into attar. Saffron Attar can be applied directly to the body as a therapeutic and potent botanical perfume. Many people find that they enjoy lending Saffron Attar with Rose Attar in equal parts for a luxurious and euphoric natural perfume. Place a drop of Saffron Attar on the forehead, neck, palms, and/or soles of the feet as a general therapeutic application and self-healing ritual. A drop of this saffron oil applied to the heart, throat, or third eye centers deepens meditation and generates moods of love and compassion.

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