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PACKAGE (ML)  100ml (either 200ml, 1000ml) containing .

Rose blossom water comes through distillation, comes through water vapor distillation, because blossom waters are products of the distillation of herbs or flowers and possess several of the properties of the essential oil of the plants from which they are derived.

Rose blossom water (Rosa Damask) is the pure, distilled water produced during the distillation of rose essential oil (Bulgarian Rose).

Rose blossom water is the most famous of all blossom waters. It is ideal for cases where the skin face is often irritated and presents an annoying and persistent “redness”. Its action is mainly soothing. For this reason it is especially useful in cases of acne and burns. Its ability to restore the natural pH of the skin and promote the reproduction of new cells, has the effect of increasing the natural elasticity of the skin.

Apart from its refreshing and soothing action, the Rose blossom water is also known for its wonderful aroma. Enjoy it in the bathroom and benefit from both its vapors (they offer relaxation and relief from stress) and the unique aroma that it will leave on your body.

If you like Rose blossom water and its properties, then it is worth seeing the amazing Wild Rose Soap which is enriched with rose essential oil.

All blossom waters by Herbstore are 100% clean. They do not contain any chemicals, preservatives or additives. Blossom waters pass through a UV filter to remove harmful substances and reach to you in absolutely pure form.

Friends who specialize in massage and aromatherapy can contact us, to receive a 10% discount on the price of flowers.

The dark caramel packaging guarantees the ideal protection of these natural treasures from light and UV radiation. While the caramel pharmaceutical plastic of the package leaves no plastic residue in the product!

Rose Blossom Water is made in Greece under the strictest European standards and with the exclusive use of pure and tested raw materials.

Origin: Greece. Imathia


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