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Quirky Glass Domed Essential Oil Diffuser

Product Description

Quirky Glass Domed Essential Oil Diffuser made with Wood Base.



This diffuser is cute, quirky & contemporary.

When it’s running it produces a lot of vapour that comes rushing out of the nozzle at an angle like an old fashioned tea kettle – which only adds to the quirky look.

The top is a real glass dome that adds the perfect edge of style & quality to the diffuser. The wood base gives it a timeless & natural aesthetic.

It has a dual button design with one button used to control the diffusing & the other controls the light. You can run the diffuser with or without the light & have it rainbow through the 7 colours or you can pick your favourite.

The diffuser can be run in continuous mode (approx 6 hours with a full tank) or intermittent mode (approx 8 hours per tank). It features automatic cut-off for safety.

This is the essential oil diffuser is made by Meeta & is super high quality. The inner chamber is made from plastic so that it’s easy to clean.

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