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Pure Puthka Honey from Bhutan

Puthka Honey from bhutan

Product Description

This Pure Puthka Honey by OGOP locally comes from the stingless Melipona bee species.

Naturally more liquid than other honey varieties, the stingless bees’ honey has a water content of between 20-42%, depending on the species and the area from where the honey is collected. The high water content makes it very prone to fermentation. The flavour is tangy, sour, and sweet and is often described as more flowery than other honey.

Due to its scarcity and high medicinal value, this honey is priced much higher. Popularly known for its anti-biotic values, it is used for many traditional medicines to treat sore throat, asthma, stomach ulcers, etc.

100% Pure Natural Honey

This honey is known as one of the most beneficial as the bees gather pollen from a wide range of medicinal herbs, garden herbs, and plants in the Himalayan valleys of Bhutan.

Product Description:
25ml net content

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