Personal Diffuser : piezo diffuser ‘solo’

Product Description

‘solo’ is a soundless aroma diffuser that complements any interior space.

The tank can hold enough piezo diffuser aroma oil to support use for over a month without refilling.

  • Powerful diffusion up to 750 square feet
  • 3 strength levels
  • Easy maintenance
  • USB cord (included) required for use
  • No heat or water is necessary.

Note: The ‘solo’ diffuser requires ‘piezo diffuser aroma oil’ (sold separately, 100 ml). Our other essential oils (10 ml, 250 ml, 450 ml) are not designed for this diffuser.

Piezo diffuser aroma oil 100ml / 3.3 fl oz

  • Botanical air series
  • Design air series
  • Clean air series
  • Supplement air series
  • Japanese Botanical air series
  • Japanese Design air series

Replacing oil sticks

If you wish to change the type of oil or if the amount diffused has decreased significantly despite the fact that there is a sufficient amount of oil in the tank, please replace with a new oil stick.

– Set of 6 replacement oil sticks (sold separately)

Product specifications

Contents Diffuser, USB cable, Replacement oil sticks x 2, Dropper opener for piezo diffuser aroma oil
Power supply USB cable (DC 5V)
Size φ 2.6 x H 7.5 in / φ 65 x H 190 mm
Weight 0.7 lbs / 320 g
Diffusion method Ultrasonic element (piezo)
Required oil @aroma’s piezo diffuser aroma oil
Operation mode Low – diffuses every 60 seconds

Medium – every 20 seconds

High – every 10 seconds

Oil consumption Low: 0.3 mL/hr, Medium: 1.0mL/hr, High: 2.0 mL/hr
Diffusion range Approx. 70 square meters / 750 square feet*
Tank volume 6 fl oz / 180 mL
Auto-off function Turns off in 12 hours

*Varies depending on surroundings and scents.

The design and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement.

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