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Our award-winning peppermint tea is vibrant and revitalising. Delicate higher notes with hints of spice are the counterpoint to an uncommon depth: cohesive, round and long on flavour. Naturally caffeine free.

Large-cut peppermint leaves.
Ethically farmed in the Peloponnese and West Macedonia regions of Greece – all of our ingredients are 100% organic.

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In culture
Mint is popular worldwide, one of the most consumed herbal infusions, and, of course, it has a prominent role in Greek cuisine, for which it is frequently grown in a corner of the garden, on patios and even on city balconies. The extra essential oils produced by mint in Greece to protect itself from the summer heat give it its intense flavour – you can almost taste the sun. Hot peppermint tea waiting on the table on the return from school in winter; ice cold with lemon on the beach or during warm summer evenings on the patio.

Methods and recipe
This peppermint tea has been produced ethically and sustainably without the use of chemicals or pesticides, and hand-picked to arrive in pristine condition. The flavour of mint changes with the variety, the soil and the climate, and the key to this tea is combining the best qualities of three different mints. An initial punch seamlessly glides into a round warmth and from there into a light, refreshing aftertaste. One variety brings roundness, another ‘kick’ and the third a subtle freshness. Two come from the west of Greece, and are dried in specially designed ovens. The third is from the north.

Peppermint tea health benefits
The ancient Greeks believed that mint could invigorate the mind and refresh the blood. They also used it as a remedy for headaches. Nowadays, peppermint tea is commonly used as an aid to digestion, to relax and focus the mind (it is naturally caffeine free) and to boost the immune system. The menthol it contains is said to aid sleep and treat sinus issues. Peppermint tea may also aid with weight loss as an appetite suppressant.

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