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Paradeisia (Sage Tea) pyramid tea bags

Product Description

Our award-winning sage tea is light and floral underscored by citrus and a fresh aftertaste marked by notes of mint. Sophisticated, rounded, beautifully centred. Naturally caffeine free.

Sage, lemon verbena, lemon balm, peppermint.
Ethically farmed in the Central Macedonia, Peloponnese and Epirus regions of Greece – all of our ingredients are 100% organic.

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In culture
Sage has many varieties. The light, aromatic version indigenous to Greece and found in our Paradeisia Blend is a world away from the one that goes into your stuffing! In Greece, its role in infusions is well established. The Greek for sage is faskomilo, but its botanical name, Salvia, reveals more. Salvia derives from the Latin salvare, ‘to save’.

Methods and recipe
This herbal tea has been produced ethically and sustainably without the use of chemicals or pesticides, hand-picked to arrive in pristine condition, and dried using traditional methods. The flavour and strength of herbs changes from year to year, so the obsessive process of ‘master blending’ – tinkering to get the balance just right – never ends. Sage and lemon verbena are the main ingredients here; the sage leads and the lemon verbena adds depth and sophistication. The peppermint brings freshness to the aftertaste. Lemon balm gently binds together all of the flavours.

Sage tea health benefits
Dioscurides and Hippocrates, the celebrated Greek physicians, commonly used sage. The herb has played a medical role for over 2000 years. Modern studies point to a range of benefits – including for the brain, bones, skin, and digestion – and to anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant effects. All four of the herbs in this herbal tea are recognised for their health benefits.

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