Paralees Aroma Room Diffuser 100ml

Product Description

The Benefits of Natural Scent Diffusers

Paralees’ Aroma Room Diffusers have blended the EOs with natural ingredients for natural perfumery.  So you would have the full therapeutic benefit of Essential oils such as Hormone balancing, and a good smell but no Chemical fragrance added.  Only fill a room or an area with the natural Scent by using the rattan sticks to disperse our natural scents over 2 months.

-Gives you a clean, calm, safe scent
-Suitable for every room in the house
-Natural fragrance-free from synthetic fragrances

Paralees’ Scents

+ Freshy

+ Candy

+ Romance

+ Sunshine

+ Mindful

+ Moonlight

+ Klean

+ Siam Aroma

+ Rose Village (limited edition)

+ Jasmine Garden (limited edition)

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