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ORGANIC LAVENDER HYDROLATE – for your spirit (100 ml spray bottle)

Use:To refresh and disinfect the space and fabric. Neutralises smells, adding a fresh scent.

  •  Spray hydrolate in the room. It can be sprayed over beds and sofas, car seats, rugs, curtains,clothes, etc. Does not leave stains.

Facial toner

  • Hydrolate is to be used as a gentle cleanser and toner for oily, dry or ripe skin. On hot days you canfreshen up your skin several times a day by spraying it on your face.

After shave (and other forms of hair removal) toner

  • Spray hydrolate over skin after shaving or waxing. It provides soothing and calming treatment toirritated or bruised skin.

To soothe skin after an insect bite

  • Spray hydrolate directly to insect bites. Suitable for children due to its gentle composition andscent.

Child care

  • Add approximately 30ml of hydrolade in bath water.
  • Spray hydrolate on skin after bath.

To nourish hair

  • Spray hydrolate on head to promote healthy hair and scalp.

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