Organic clary sage floral water

Product Description

clary sage

Origin: Arôma’plantes

Distilled part: flowering top

For the short story:
It is the saving plant of the Middle Ages, it was used for its purifying virtues and to cure eye problems, hence the name salvia which means “to save”. The Greeks and Romans used it for its toning properties and in Egypt women drank Sage juice for its effect on fertility. Shamans and healers thought it would help develop our visionary abilities.

Here are some properties of Clary Sage floral water:

It is the ally of dehydrated and sensitive skin.
Anti-inflammatory and regenerating, it protects against free radicals and has an anti-aging action.
It is also the ally of oily skin because it regulates sebum.
It is euphoric, nervous balancing and acts against depression.
It is above all the plant of female problems! Hormonal regulator, it balances the menstrual cycle in case of amenorrhea, for menopause, mood swings, hot flashes.
It relaxes the muscles and tones the blood circulation.

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