Mucuna Pruriens Extract Levodopa

Mucuna Pruriens extract,Levodopa,chenlv herb

Product Description

Mucuna Pruriens Extract


This product is extracted from dried seed of Mucuna Pruriens L, Mucuna macrocarpa Wall ,Mucuna cochinchine-sis(Lour)Tang et Wang by water and ethanol.


Active ingredients: Levodopa

Specification:Levodopa:15%~98% by HPLC

Appearance: White or off -white powder or granular

Test Standard: CP2020

Composition: 100% natural extract , Non-irradiation, Non-GMO

Other test details , please email us for COA.


Packing:25KG/drum or 1KG/bag

Shelf time: 2years

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