Organic Castile Wash

Product Description

Imagine, Organic Castile Wash Malaysia made by our Penang Island artisans the traditional way.

Made using only extra virgin organic olive oil imported by us from France. And it’s the best oil. Produced by Huilerie Emile Noel, an agricultural producer in France.

The result? A super-mild, foaming wash suitable for the most sensitive skin.

And here’s why it works.

Our artisans use the traditional process of saponification. The result is a golden-colored liquid soap. A natural foaming cleanser rich in glycerine. And nourishing vitamins and bubbles. It’s non-allergenic, (perfect for people that are chemically sensitive). And 100% biodegradable.

And the benefits of Organic Castile Wash Malaysia for your skin? This natural organic liquid soap is free from the usual foaming agents used in mass-produced products. It’s free from detergents, thickeners, and animal fats. And preservatives. These are all known skin irritants.

The experience.

Apply a small amount to your wet palm. You will immediately notice two characteristics that let you know it’s genuine Castile. First, the light clear amber colour. Second, a characteristic “nutty” fragrance common with natural Castile soap. Lather well in your palms. Then massage over your skin in a circular motion. Rinse well.

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