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OP1 black Tea

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Tea Grade: OP1 Black Tea

OP1 black tea is one of the best tea grades in the loose-leaf black tea category. Furthermore, we produce OPA and OP Black tea grades under the full leaf category. Pure Ceylon OP1 Tea is another OP variety of Sri Lankan tea, which is known as Orange Pekoe-1 Tea. This tea comes in a long, wiry type of black tea grade. In addition, it brews a deep coppery infusion and a smooth malty taste.

However, the low-grown OP1 black tea shows long, wiry-type leaves. That length varies according to the tea-growing region. We would like to make sure that you pay for quality tea and nothing more. Some of our teas can be infused as many as 3-6 times.

At Acril Tea, we supply certified organic tea (USDA, EU, and JAS), as well as conventional tea in Sri Lanka.

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