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Night Sleep Tea – For winter evenings – Soothing, calming effect

Product Description

Night sleep tea – For winter evenings: For a restful sleep and a stress-free everyday life (with catnip, lavender) Start drinking as soon as possible to heal!

From a box approx. 45 cups of tea can be made

THE WEEKLY SLEEPING TEA – For winter evenings, by relieving stress and tension, it can help you fall asleep easily and have a restful, peaceful night. In our tea mixture, the 10 types of herbs strengthen each other’s effects. Unique on the Hungarian market, it consists of a mixture of several herbs with similar effects, with the pleasant taste of orange peel.

In addition to the basic tea, our winter blend also contains cloves and cinnamon.
With this, we bring a spicy aroma and fragrance to your home that matches the intimate atmosphere of winter evenings.

Suggested use:
Boil a teaspoon of tea mixture with 2.5 dl of water. Cover and let cool for 8-10 minutes.
It can be flavored as desired or eaten on its own. One box can make 40-45 cups of tea.

Its consumption is recommended as a cure with 1 cup a day in the evening! Shake the contents of the box before use!

St. John’s wort (flowering shoot), Lemongrass leaf, Lavender, Catnip, Hibiscus flower, Hawthorn flower, Orange peel, Hop cone, Clove, Cinnamon mixed in varying proportions.

in a dry, dark, cool place

Net weight:

in a UV-filtered, aroma-blocking transparent box, in which the essential oils can be preserved for several years, thus ensuring the freshness of the active ingredients.

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