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Natural Bio Toothpaste With Coconut Fiber Charcoal (75ml)

Product Description

White toothpaste has added coconut fiber activated carbon. Activated charcoal is a natural alternative to teeth whitening agents and with regular use it can whiten teeth by a few shades. Due to the abrasive effect, we do not recommend constant use for more than a month a year, and the paste is also not suitable for cleaning dental braces.

Intentionally or unintentionally, we also consume toothpaste every time we wash. And because we believe that you deserve both healthy teeth and a healthy body, we have designed a completely organic toothpaste that is friendly to teeth and body. Its ingredients have a negative effect on the growth and development of bacteria in the mouth, due to the slightly rough texture of the teeth it polishes, and calcium carbonate also has a beneficial effect on tooth enamel. Xilitol is excellent in the fight against caries, and selected herbs from our estate provide freshness in the mouth.

The toothpaste contains a premium combination of herbs that we grow on our estate. All herbs are grown on an optimal soil base, which has never been fertilized or sprayed with chemical agents, at an altitude of 500m. When herbs contain the most active ingredients, we harvest them and prepare fresh extracts – you do not find essential oils in our products, but ALL the active ingredients that herbs contain. The extracts are prepared through various extractions, optimally adapted for each herb and active ingredient.

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