Natural Antioxidants Blend

Product Description

ShelfGuard Natural Complex Antioxidant

ShelfGuard Natural Antioxidants Blend is scientifically compatible with two natural herbal antioxidant ingredients: Rosemary extract and green tea extract. The product is light red powder, with fresh aroma of green tea.

In vitro antioxidant test showed that the Natural Antioxidants Blend showed strong free radical scavenging ability to OH-, and the antioxidant capacity in oil was equivalent to that of TBHQ.

Product features:
1.Pure natural herbal formula, more safe and effective
2.Low concentration can exert high antioxidant effect
3.It has the functions of natural antioxidation and free radical scavenging

Recommended areas:
1.Food, health products, pet food and other fields
2.The recommended addition amount is 3-5%

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