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Mint Matcha Green Tea

Product Description

As fresh as it gets – we’ve infused Japanese matcha with organic mint to craft a tea with a distinctive taste and invigorating scent.

Health Benefits:¬†Mint is a powerful appetiser and palate cleanser. It has a cooling effect that helps relieve a sore throat, indigestion, upset stomach and bloating. When mint is combined with our ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha, it creates a balanced drink that’s both healthy and refreshing.

Ingredients: Organic mint powder, Japanese Matcha Green Tea. We never add any flavourings, colours or any additives to our tea blends. All natural and safe for consumption, our mint matcha is 100% natural.

Perfect as a post meal drink for a boost of energy to carry you through the day.

Goes well with citrus salad, pineapple, avocado toast

Serving suggestions: Use in smoothies, Iced teas or breakfast bowls.

**Please note Matcha is high in caffeine and is best consumed in the first half of the day**

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