Milk Matcha Tea

Product Description

With ingredients from natural green tea, Matcha Milk Tea provides nutrients and energy for you. In addition, it is also anti-aging, detoxifying, preventing cancer, losing weight. Replenish energy, increase endurance, relax the mind, strengthen the immune system, benefit the digestive system, prevent infections and reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.

Ingredients: Green tea (35%), non-dairy creamer (35%), sugar (25%), pandan leaves (5%).
• Green tea (35%) : Refreshment, anti-diabetes, anti-oxidant, beautiful skin.
• Pandan leaves (5%): Helps laxative, good digestion.
• Sugar (25%).
• Non-dairy creamer (35%) : Provides nutrients and energy.

Directions for use: Hot drink: Dissolve 1 teaspoon matcha tea with (80ml) hot water, stir until all matcha powder is dissolved (1-2 minutes). Sugar and ice can be added if the drink is sweet and cold.

TCB number: 06/THPPLUS/2020

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