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MBH Unico Wireless Humidifier, Portable Humidifier, Aroma Diffuser

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➡️Free gift 100 units / day. Plz redeem in Shopee app before check out. (T/C apply)
Learn more how to redeem: https://shp.ee/hz7j4yj
➡️Plz gently push the button, do not push it too hard or it may damage your product and void warranty
➡️Remark aroma selection at “massage” column during check out, no PM select allowed.
➡️Cover image for illustration purpose only, kindly read the “bundle details” to conform your bundle selection.
➡️Please do not make a hole on top of humidifier, it will damage the product and void warranty.
➡️”Machine Only” is for customer who using their own aroma only, that bundle doesn’t not include warranty & aroma.
➡️All order QC & take pic and videos before shop out, if you have any problem with the machine kindly contact us for assist before click “conform receive” and make reviews once you have done that we not able to proceed return or refund.

Bundle details:
1. “Non battery 1 x 3ml aroma bundle” = machine non battery + 1x cotton filter+ 1x3ml aroma + bubble wrapping (2 weeks warranty).
2. “Non battery 2 x 3ml aroma bundle” = machine non battery + 1x cotton filter + 1x3ml aroma + bubble wrapping (2 weeks warranty).
3. “Rechargeable, 2 x 3ml aroma bundle” = machine (rechargeable) + 1x cotton filter+ 2x3ml aroma + bubble wrapping (2 weeks warranty).
4. “Ag+ Complete bundle” = machine (rechargeable) + 1x cotton filter+ 2x3ml aroma + Ag+  filter, bubble wrapping (2 weeks warranty).
5. “Accessories Bundle” = 2x cotton filter, 1x Ag+ filter, 1x 5ml aroma.

Name: ÚNICO Wireless Humidifier
Capacity: 280ml
Size: 79 x 79x 117mm
Cotton filter length: 10cm
Power Input: USB / Rechargeable
Built Material: ABS
Aroma: Water Based Aroma / Air purifier solution (not suitable for pure essential oil)
Filter: Anti bacteria Filter, *Optional Ag+ ionic Filter
Special Function: Small and easy to use, can put in car or any small spaces.

1. Can this use pure essential oil? : No
2. Do I need to make a hole on top to make mist?: No
3. Can use in car, and fit in the cup holder?: Yes
4. How long need to change cotton filter?: 4 – 6 months
5. Do I need to buy Ag+ filter? : If you want purify the air then “Yes”
6. How long Ag+ filter need to replace? : 8-12 months
7. Do I need to change cotton filter if switch aroma?: No, just rinse the cotton filter with water if u change scent.
8. What is non battery/USB model? : Non rechargeable version, need to plug in cable to use.
9. What is rechargeable / wireless model?: Can use with or without cable, built in battery inside.
10. Why the humidifier spray few sec and stop then spray again, it is spoil? : The machine works fine, you can refer “how to use steps 5”

How to use:
1. Pour filter water in humidifier and wait for 30mins
2. Plug in the USB cable and charge for 8hrs before use.
3. Drop 5 – 10 drops of aroma / air purifier solution in, if u have Ag+ filter plz put in water tank as well.
4. Long push button to turn on the light (if want operate without light plz proceed step 5)
5. Short push once (1st time) for continues mist mode
6. Short push once (2nd time) for intermittent mode (mist spray 10 sec stop 5 sec)
7. Short push once (3rd time) to turn off the humidifier.
8. To use humidifier without LED light, just start with steps 5 onwards.
9. If both or 1 of nozzle not generating mist plz remove the spring under the cotton and pull longer and put back.

How to remove / wash / exchange cotton filter:
1. Turn off the humidifier, turn the cover anti clockwise gently to remove the cover.
2. Gently pull down the filter cover, it might be difficult in the 1st time.
3. Please beware and do not lost the small spring attached under the cotton filter in the filter cover.
3. a.To wash the filter, please rinse the filter and soak in water for 3 hrs
b. to exchange the filter, kindly soak in filter for 30mins.
4. After proceed step 3, plz put the spring back to the cover, the put the cotton filter in. Plz note that the spring must be under cotton filter.
5. Push back the filter cover and proceed to “how to use”.

We recommend you read our Returns Policy prior to making a purchase from our website. Please immediately inspect any goods that our courier deliver to you or you collected from our stores within 24hrs.

Warranty & Return Policy: https://shp.ee/shx3msk

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