Mashua tincture 30 ml – 1 oz

Product Description

Tropaeolum tuberosum, popularly called mashwa, añu or isaño, is a plant native to the central Andes, which is used mainly to combat prostatitis. The effect of mashua on the prostate is due to the substance known as isothiocyanate that this food contains. This Andean tuber very similar to the potato and the goose, provides great pharmaceutical and healing properties to the human body. According to studies, this food with protein, carbohydrate and anthocyanin is anticancer and is capable of treating colon, skin and prostate cancer.


In a glass add less then a half of water, add 20 drops in adults, take it before breakfast, lunch and dinner for 15 days. Then rest for another 15 days and repeat the process until completing 2 months. The body need to rest so it does not become resistant to the components of the herb / herbs.

Active ingredients:


-Dehydrated selected herb (Tropaelum tuberosum)



Available version of alcohol-free (Veggie Glycerite)

This option is perfect for sensitive people to alcohol or kids / babies.

Net weight:

30 ml – 1 oz


Amber bottle / Blue bottle with dropper

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