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Manila Elemi-Canarium Luzonicum-Island of Luzon, Philippines-Pili-Extremely Fresh!

Product Description

Finally, I can present the resin that gives us the familiar Elemi essential oil, ubiquitous in the world of perfume and aromatherapy, Manila Elemi, AKA Canarium Luzonicum. Named after the island and province where it grows abundantly.

Rare to find in its undistilled and raw form and surprisingly fresh, this Elemi resin is soft, extremely sticky and abundantly aromatic. It is brimming with a fruity fragrance, vibrant lemony notes and hints of black pepper and pine. If it was any fresher and softer it would be a liquid.
Its softness is due to its freshness and the subsequent high % of essential oils present lending its potent and bold aroma.
(Fresh Manila Elemi can often contain a whopping 25% essential oils which is 5 times more than Frankincense and other resins.)

Called Pili locally, we find that Manila, African and Madagascar Elemi are used in similar ways in their respective cultures. Traditional healers use it to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, while the general populace uses it as incense to cleanse and freshen the home and as a repellant for mosquitos.

It makes a wonderful material for the production of perfume, incense, aromatic/medicated salves, oils and cremes and dissolves easily in alcohol and warm oils. it burns sweet on the censer with no charring.

If you plan to make a cosmetic or healing salve/creme/oil with it, a ratio of 1:10 in the oil of your choice, will produce a wonderfully fragrant product.

It is a perfect natural binder for creating incense pastilles and pellets with other powdered aromatics and is an ingredient in traditional incense sticks.

This sticky resin is double bagged and will need to be chilled in order to remove the wrapper cleanly from the resin.


If your resin is sticky, it may be difficult to remove it intact from the plastic wrapper. My trick and workaround is to place the bag in the fridge or freezer for 15-30 minutes before attempting to separate it from its package. After chilling, it will detach with ease and without leaving any material stuck to the wrapper.

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