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Mango Mocktail – Loose Leaf Tea

Product Description

The origins of our Mango Mocktail fruit tea infusion

Let yourself be transported to paradise with our bright and exotically fruity Mango luxury fruit infusion. Best described as summer in a cup, this beautifully fragrant mango infusion boasts large chunks of tropical fruit that offer a burst of refreshing sweetness – perfect for serving chilled on a warm day.

Look inside a caddy of our Mango tea and you’ll discover a vibrant blend of plump mango, pineapple and strawberry pieces, scattered with orange slices, safflower and marigold petals. Intensely fruity in aroma and flavour, this joyful blend contains no caffeine so can be enjoyed at any time of the day by the whole family.

While we love Mango Mocktail as a classic, thirst-quenching summer iced tea, it’s also delicious hot, with the warmth of the water helping to release all of its joyful, sunny qualities. However you enjoy it, this naturally sweet tea is a great option for those wanting to up their healthy fluid intake and to stay deliciously hydrated.


Pineapple Cubes (Pineapple and Sugar), Mango Cubes (Mango and Sugar), Pineapple Flakes, Mango Flakes, Orange Slices, Flavouring, Freeze-Dried Tangerine-Orange Pieces, Safflower, Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices and Marigold Blossoms.

Tasting notes

This tea offers an intensely tropical fruit aroma and vibrant yellow infusion. A sweet cup with mango, pineapple and tangy notes and tropical fruity mouthfeel.


This tea has been crafted with the finest ingredients across the world.

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