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These individually handpicked herbs are especially beneficial to the reproductive system. Moly Love helps balance the reproductive hormones, both male and female, while relieving them from possible stress, with herbs that reinforce the peripheral vascular system, especially in the reproductive organs.


White mulberry is rich in a specific phenol that is also found in red wine and acts to protect the cardiovascular system, as a rich antioxidant.


The Maca bulb (or root) increases libido, endurance and performance in both sexes, without having any negative effect on circulation, as other well-known substances do. Similar to Serenoa, it positively affects sperm production in males.


Spearmint is both a flavour enhancer and – in a tradition dating back to the ancient Egyptians – a mild aphrodysiac, boosting libido, presumably as a mild peripheral vascular booster but without such side-effects as high blood pressure.


Nettle root is rich in lignans . It affects the reproductive organs and also proteins SHBG, and is equally useful to both sexes. This is due to the fact that it influences not only the androgens but also the estrogens. At the same time it is useful in combatting mild inflammations in the urinary system and in the prostate.


Withania, or Indian ginseng, is an adaptogen of both the nervous and the reproductive systems and, as such, has been selected to reduce stress and any negative effects that stress may cause. It helps to balance a disturbed nervous system, and this is something that has a positive effect on reproductive function. At the same time it offers energy and endurance to both sexes. Its invigorating action, known since antiquity, contributes to increased sexual drive and energy.

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