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Lip Balm

Product Description

Effective moisturizer. Helps your chapped lips, keeps you lips well-nourished with a beautiful aroma

Introducing Natural Madagascar’s 100% Natural Wax Lip Balms – made with the purest natural ingredients & nothing else. We’ve only used ingredients Cocoa and Shea butter, Marula, Coconut oils. Beeswax, Vitamin E, with citrus blend with a warm hint of Madagascar Vanilla beans that have stood the test of time & are known to hydrate, nourish & protect the skin. Enriched with essential oils that promote lip health & add a light, sweet aroma, our lip balm is the ideal pocket-friendly solution to all your cracked lip woes.


100% Natural Ingredients
• No Petroleum Derivatives, No artificial fragrances & Preservative-free
• Child-Friendly Formula, Cruelty-Free.
• Uni-sex formulations are suitable for Men and Women.

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